Is Your Pet Suffering from Dental Issues? Here's How to Spot the Signs

It's essential to be aware of the indications of dental issues in your pet, as they can be quite subtle. The most evident visual sign is the accumulation of tartar on the tooth surface. However, there are other signs to look out for too. If your pet's gums are red and swollen, or they appear depressed or have no energy, this could be a sign of dental disease.

Another subtle sign is a change in the normal gum lines. Each tooth should have a protrusion right where the healthy gum meets the tooth, and this should not be a straight line for most teeth. If the gums are straight along the tooth, this could indicate gingivitis, gum inflammation, gingival recession, or loss of normal gum height. Other signs to watch out for include increased drooling, blood in your pet's saliva, being shy when you stroke around their head or mouth, difficulty eating, favoring one side of the mouth when chewing, whining or spitting on food, bad breath, and petting their faces with their paws or rubbing their faces against the floor. If you think that your pet may have dental problems, it's important to take them to the vet for a quick oral exam.

This may reveal swelling or bleeding in the gums, discolored teeth, or loose or damaged teeth.

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