Is Your Pet Getting Enough Sleep? A Guide to Recognizing Sleep Deprivation in Pets

Are you concerned that your pet isn't getting enough sleep? It's important to recognize the signs of sleep deprivation in your pet, as it can have a serious impact on their health and wellbeing. If your dog is not getting enough rest, they may display signs of increased irritability and aggressiveness. They may become more reactive to everyday stressors or start to experience intense separation anxiety. It's also possible that your dog will forget the commands they have learned or where to find a familiar place in the house if they're not getting enough sleep.

A study of shelter dogs found that those who slept less during the day due to the hustle and bustle of a shelter environment slept more soundly at night and woke up less frequently. By sleeping more at night, these shelter dogs slept an average of 11 hours a day, the same amount as most adult dogs. Sleep is essential for all pets, providing them with the downtime they need to recharge their energy and maintain their health. It's important to recognize the signs of sleep deprivation in your pet and take steps to ensure they are getting enough rest.

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